Two Brothers that Research Stocks

Actionable stock research for professional investors and RIAs

Why We Stand Out

  • Portfolio performance has beaten market averages since 2017 (inception date).
  • We have significant personal investment in our stock selections.
  • A number of our past stock selections have yielded returns of 200% or more.
  • In-depth value-focused stock research backed by real experience and expertise.

What to Expect

Stock Ideas

On the 1st of every month at 11 a.m. EST, we publish one high-quality stock recommendation indicating either a buy or neutral rating. more info

Quarterly Letters

Following the end of the quarter, we post a quarterly portfolio performance update. more info

Stock Sonar

On the Wednesday of every week, we email subscribers insightful highlights on a few names we are currently researching. more info

Investment Writings

These writings will be sent around once a month to subscribers. Topics include market trends, investing insights, and macro musings. more info

Research Philosophy

Our research philosophy is firmly rooted in the investment strategy we have honed throughout our careers. We focus on identifying attractively-priced companies that fit into one of two categories: those with the potential to sustain and expand their future cash flows, and those with cash flows that require improvement but have a clear path to recovery. We believe that a portfolio structured with seven to twelve of these investments will compound at rates substantially greater than the market.